Christina Noonan is an American UX Researcher & Strategist who is passionate about uncovering elegant solutions for complex problems.

She enjoys complex problem solving using qualitative and quantitative research methods to:

  • identify user goals and pain points

  • inform successful product strategy

  • define clear measures of success

  • recommend feasible, viable, and desirable products and features




With over 5 years of experience, I have led multidisciplinary, internal and client teams through research, analysis and synthesis, prototyping, and validation sessions, leveraging these experiences to develop successful product definition with clear measures of success.

I aim to always define clear, comprehensive user journeys; systems-level thinking I’ve grown to love from my background in architecture has helped me navigate the balance with business priorities, development needs, and user goals to create successful products.

Through my experience conducting user research in several different cultures, continents, and industries over the past several years, I’ve come to favor a combination of quantitative (WHAT is happening?) and qualitative (WHY is it happening?) research methods to identify more sustainable long-term solutions.