Beginning a digital portfolio...

So it begins! Fall 2013 RecruitID is coming up very quickly and it's about time I started building a website for myself outside of photography. It's certainly not perfected yet (as with most things in life, it may never be) but I'll certainly continue to update as I can. 

It's quite interesting going back through old digital and physical files to find all the work I've completed over the past few years, and a bit challenging at times knowing what to include and what not to. I'm also contemplating the best way to digitize my largescale drafting boards to include here- I'll eventually add an architecture tab which will include drafting, projects, and more along those lines. 

For now however, I'm finishing up my first set of classes at the Institute of Design, including portfolio planning, prototyping methods, building and understanding context, techniques in design synthesis, and managing interdisciplinary teams  (which coordinates with IIT's IPRO program). I purposefully took a variety of classes from different design disciplines to get a feel for what I can learn from each. Design strategy seems very useful, and communication design is used in literally everything. Research is what initially interested my in the school, so I will definitely be looking for more classes in that area. Product design is enjoyable, and comes pretty naturally with my background in architecture- I'm very used to building things and thinking with objects. There's a class offered about kickstarter projects this semester...I hope they offer it again in the future, because that could certainly be fun and interesting. One of the projects from an earlier class called "TidyTilt" was included and became a huge success, eventually being bought out by Logitech! I never met the inventors, but I'm sure they're doing very well after that initial project.

Thanks for checking out my site, and feel free to contact me if you're in the Chicago area and want to chat about design over coffee!