AIGA Chicago Mentor Program

Well, Wednesday marked my first event with AIGA! For those of you who don't know about the organization, it's an organization all about design, which puts on all sorts of events and opportunities for people in the design world. I signed up for the Mentor Program for the Chicago chapter (which I later learned filled up in 1 day, with a huge overflow list), to meet more people out in the industry. I want to know what to expect when I finish my master's degree... how is the industry changing? What common frustrations will I be sure to experience? How can I set myself apart? How can I build myself up to become who I need to be (beyond classes of course)? I know I need more experience, and that begins with building relationships and understanding.

I met all sorts of people at the event itself, from students and recent graduates to individuals looking to change careers and "higher ups" like Will Miller from Firebelly. I have to say, I guess I wasn't prepared for the extensive range of people I met that night, but I'm happy to be surrounded by members of the community that in some ways want the same things I do: To learn how to better themselves in the service of design, the service of understanding and providing for others (goods, services, marketing, etc.). 

 Fernando Mier and I are working to bring a student chapter of AIGA to IIT. He's reaching out to students on main campus and throughout Stuart to find at least 10 interested members while I reach out to design students at ID. From the numerous students I've talked to so far, everyone seems interested and willing to join. Part of the reason I'm interested in bringing AIGA specifically to our school is its broad focus on the field, which will allow students struggling with finding their path and interest (especially foundation students coming from different non-design backgrounds) to learn more about different areas. I have no doubt a good number of students will be interested. I'm trying to set up a meeting with Hugh next week to make sure this is acceptable with the college administration, and then I'll be sending an email out to the general student body. If anyone has questions about any of this, feel free to email me. I have about a thousand different emails due to my different roles at IIT (I work part time for the Sustainability Office as the Communications Coordinator as well), so any of them will work. The tried and true account will always be

Have a great weekend everyone,


 Listening to the introduction and presentation about the different areas of the program

Listening to the introduction and presentation about the different areas of the program

Introducing the Mentor Program to the new group!