Career Strategies Workshop with Elizabeth Kilbourne


Today at ID, we had the opportunity to take advantage of a professional career workshop focused on developing our own personal "Elevator Pitch". It was extremely helpful, especially with RecruitID coming up, and I'm very focused on being the best "me" I can.. and conveying that with others! Here's one important thing I learned. A pitch should:

  • Highlight your skill set

  • Illustrate your personality

  • Show your commitment to your career

  • Peak interest of your interviewer (or whoever you're talking to!)

I'd love to share my working draft, and if you have thoughts or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to drop me a comment!

Hi, my name is Christina. I’m a go-getter who’s always eager to learn from everyone around me. For example, just a few weeks ago, I placed as a top finalist in a ComEd innovation challenge thanks in part to skills I learned from a pair of engineers around soldering and building computer chips!

As an architect, I constantly learned from the people I designed for. I was constantly inspired by the experiences of occupants, and I realized as a designer, I can use digital services to expand evocative experiences with the world. I can help companies understand user’s experiences through research and develop strategic, systematic solutions. I prefer to work with multidisciplinary teams to bring ideas to market.

I am always expanding my network to learn from others, through groups like AIGA, IDxA, and the Interaction Design Foundation. Do you know others who would be good to have in my network?