Post-BarnRaise: What have I been up to?

Whoa, I seem to go through phases of lots of posts and then a break of silence for a while. That's no good! Let's see if I can recap everything that's been going on. 


Coding! I made this little nugget last week as I worked through learning javascript. I'm not an expert yet, but the goal is to be able to use these skills to make more competent digital mockups of prototypes. I'll get there! In the meantime, I completely enjoyed building something funny for class that simultaneously pissed off my little brother. Hey, that's what big sisters are for, right? Take a look at the project here. 

Edit: Here's the next step of said prototype! (click the little blue button, bottom middle to start). I only built out one string of actions, so if you click the top left iPhone that appears, you'll see it through, plus the little hamburger button menu works as well. The idea was to practice coding, not necessarily to build out into a complete prototype.

What's next for BarnRaise?

I've also been on the phone/skyping with people I met at BarnRaise. There's been talk of creating "BarnRaise South"..."BarnRaise East". Not sure of the specifics on this yet, but it is certainly a very exciting idea to entertain. To imagine, our team worked together to create something new and exciting... so exciting in fact that others want to model it in their cities! We've could create a platform! In addition to this, we'll be starting the process of picking the new core team for next year's event. More on this later. Speaking of, if you missed BarnRaise, check out the blog (written by yours truly) and photo stream!

Chicago Community Trust Visit

For another class, I'm a part of a team of four trying to come up with predictive analytic models to help determine the vitality and growth/decline of a community. We visited the Chicago Community Trust today to talk to them about how they currently measure the need and impact of the grants they provide for different areas of the community. I only wish we had had more individual time with each person who came and shared. The large group of students made it difficult to ask any line of questions. Regardless, their space is beautiful.
(photo credit)

I'm also still getting ready for India... we had a meeting this week with our host in Mumbai and he spoke to us through this crazy device which I can only explain as a segway for an iPad. Take a look at the video.. he was able to control the device from half way around the world! Crazy! After the meeting Anijo drove the device out into hallway and over to the receptionist's desk. She seemed a bit freaked out that a little robot was checking her out and called someone else over to take a look (we had a few good laughs over that one).

Last but not least, I'd like to ask you to take a survey for another class I'm in right now (if you've made it this far down my post). It's for an interaction design course, looking at improving the interactions between you and your tv through some sort of curation. I'm happy to answer more specific questions about that project as needed. Thanks in advance for considering to fill out the survey! It's relatively quick and doesn't require any name, email, etc. so you can be as honest with your opinions as you'd like!

I think that's all for now! I'm still trying to build out my next assignment for my digital development course- combining HTML, CSS, Javascript, and animations (tweenlite) to create a robust prototype that looks and feels more realistic for a client. More on that later!

Until next time,