Looking forward to my intercession class this week!


I'm taking a 1-week course called "Ownership and Design" taught by Cathy Casserly, former CEO of Creative Commons! ID really brought some cool people in to learn from this year!

I will be learning about emerging new models of ownership as related to design, including open licensing, open competitions, the role of community and the concerns of privacy.

Some interesting guest lecturers will share their experiences and expertise in this space, including:

  • Ronen Kadushin, author of the Open Design Manifesto and Open Design Pioneer 
  • Margaret Stewart who runs Product Design at Facebook
  • Jaison Morgan of the Common Pool who ran the Xprize and designs prizes/competitions

I think there will be a team project where we will be analyzing the benefits and risks of an “open design” in practice, which is great practice for the real world. 

If you're interested in hearing from her as well, you can come hear her and an amazing panel of experts speak tomorrow (Monday) night at 350 N. Lasalle. RSVP (and more info) here: https://www.id.iit.edu/conferences-and-events/cathy-casserly/

The panel for tomorrow night's discussion includes: 

Lori Andrews is a distinguished professor of law at IIT Chicago-Kent and director of IIT’s Institute for Science, Law and Technology. Her path-breaking litigation about technologies caused the National Law Journal to list her as one of the “100 Most Influential Lawyers in America.” She has written eleven non-fiction books and three novels. (She is also speaking during BarnRaise!)

Ed Lee teaches international intellectual property law, copyright law, and trademark law at IIT Chicago-Kent as a professor of law and director of the Intellectual Property Law Program. Ed's research focuses on the ways in which the Internet, technological development, and globalization challenge existing legal paradigms.

Anijo Punnen Mathew is an associate professor at IIT Institute of Design. His research looks at evaluating new semantic appropriations of place as enabled by technology and media convergence. He also works with companies to adapt and change to the information economy through the use of design methodology and theory.