New Semester, New Projects

With the semester starting, lots of cool new projects are beginning. My two favorite ones for this semester are as follows:

  • We're working with a leading cancer hospital to develop a digital service grounded in qualitative research which will involve the development of a strategy and will include user scenarios, wire framing, application architecture, graphic design specifications, and a working prototype.
  • Gary Comer Youth Center, through a partnership with Chicago Community Trust, which will give me the opportunity to develop sophisticated plans as well as operating and growth strategies around the question:
    What does it take to provide opportunities for individuals and families to succeed in communities?

hese two projects are really interesting to me not only because they are likely to lead to future real development and implementation, but also because they both focus on bettering people's lives in meaningful, tactical ways.

We had our first trip over to New York this past weekend, and had the opportunity to meet with the Innovation team, administrators, social workers, psychiatrists, and others who were specifically interested in the issue we'll be tackling. Photos from our trip below. All I can say is, this is going to be an amazing semester... BarnRaise, these classes, my digital development workshop, and then planning my trip to India to go work with Godrej! More on that later.