RecruitID Tomorrow

Ah, leaves in the air, IIT Pumpkin Launch around the corner, and pumpkin-flavored everything... sounds like it's about time for the Fall RecruitID event.  I've been working endlessly over my final paper for Matt Mayfield's Portfolio Planning class, putting together information about Cuisinart (specifically, food processors), which has eaten up a good portion of my week and weekend. Today, I seek to tackle the uninhabited space that exists under my architecture work for the site here. Doing so requires going through old files on my PC, which at this point, doesn't get as much use as I wish I could dedicate to it. There's so many projects I could add, now I have to figure out which ones are best  to display what I'm capable of. 

Sent off my updated resume (with no entirely uppercase words this time) over to the printers for pick up later today, along with a few pages describing the book Fernando and I put together last semester. 

I can't help thinking about how nervous (and a little excited) I am to go through this process for the first time at ID. I have interviews lined up with Steelcase WorkSpace Futures team (which I have to admit, I'm particularly excited about the Discoveries group), SC Johnson, and a smaller company, Adonit, which frankly I'm simply interested to learn more about.

Ah, for tomorrow then! Wish me luck!