Student Workshop with Publicis Groupe Ad Agencies

I joined a few good friends from IIT to attend a LGBT students and allies event to meet professionals from various Publicis Groupe ad agencies and participate in a workshop on resumes, portfolios and interviews. 

I got some great advice, feedback, and suggestions from a handful of recruiters, creative directors, account directors, and even someone in hr! It was a very very helpful event to help me understand the perspective of creatives in adjacent fields, and in all honesty, research and strategy can be applied to most fields and travel between applications fluidly. 

I'll certainly be following up with all of the people I've met, they were truly helpful and interested in seeing the group of students participating succeed... I can't even remember how many times I said thank you, it was extremely an amazing opportunity to meet and talk honestly with the group there tonight.

After discussing what I wanted to do and showed a little work to one professional individually, he suggested I'd be fine, and I shouldn't have a problem finding a job/internship with the work I have and the path I'm going. It's a bit of a relief to know that all of the hard work I'm doing is not only valuable, but an important focus companies are looking for when searching for strategists. 

I can't believe how much I'm learning this semester, both inside the classroom, and externally through so many extracurricular activities, organizational events, professional networking nights, and I'm even now working towards a Certificate in Leadership Studies through the Leadership Academy at IIT, already about halfway done! I feel like my brain is getting a constant workout between all of the curiosities, fundamental explorations, questions, processes, frameworks, teamwork, facilitation, design analysis and synthesis, building and understanding context, and homework... and finding the time and energy to balance a full time graduate course load of 13.5 credit hours with a minimum of a 24 hour/week part time job coordinating communications and project management for IIT's Sustainability Office. (not to mention, AIGA, networking, and learning more about so many companies!) I know next year I intend on focusing more of my time to just school, and knowing how much I've already been able to achieve this year, I can't wait to dig deeper into my classes and take a more academically focused semester. There are definitely days I'm exhausted with everything I do, but I love every minute of it and everything I learn is helping me become the informed designer, researcher, and strategist I want to be when I graduate in a little over a year.

Thanks for reading and have a great night,



 Panelists for the evening

Panelists for the evening