Does culture matter? Of course it does!

So, upon my return from India, I very purposefully took a week-long intercession class called "Cross-Cultural UX Design" taught by Aaron Marcus of Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc. It was a very condensed look at culture and how to consider culture through different lenses, from page orientation, reading direction, use of colors, consideration of Hofstede's Model, and much more. In short, culture impacts everything about your design, from color choice to images, layout, language, and more. We tried to keep these in mind as we developed our solution.

Given that I just returned from India, I decided to pair up with an Indian student in the class to look at a topic related to that culture. Turns out, our focus was on health!

This is a very short overview of the project, but I thought it was worth sharing! Included in the presentation is an initial brief explanation of the topic space and context, cultural breakdown, personas, basic information architecture, and app screens.