Yes, this is what 1,800 organized Post It notes looks like

Digital Presence at IIT Institute of Design

Under the direction of a faculty member fluent in interaction design and digital research, I worked with another student to identify the current digital presence of the Institute of Design and create several strategies to build that presence in the coming months and years. 

The project involved initial secondary research into other universities (feasibly competing in wallet share to the Institute of Design), as well as numerous interviews. I led the iterative development process on a new prototype we used for interviewing participants, which was extremely successful and made the sessions much more enjoyable for participants. It was often referred to as a "game". I learned the best methods for transcription, as I transcribed each of these 1-2 hour interviews and developed over 1800 Post It notes to reflect thoughts, opinions, and insights driven from the transcriptions. 

Iterative models used to test a new probe for successful interviewing

While the results are confidential, I can say I was able to practice a multitude of different approaches for analysis and synthesis, including Vijay Kumar's well known Insight Matrix. You can see a picture of one we were in the middle of analyzing to the right.

Our final deliverables included a 1 hour presentation, as well as a 50 page booklet outlining our findings, synthesized strategies, and suggestions for immediate and incremental improvement, along with documentation for our process and protocols. It was a great project to give me a more robust set of qualitative research methods and a stronger knowledge in strategic development.

Competitive Analysis

Insight Matrix

Personalized Interview Artifact