Currently, figuring out details on your energy consumption is terribly difficult and confusing.

Not only does current technology only allow for whole-home readings (which are sometimes only estimates anyways), but data is reported back in unfamiliar units like kilowatt-hours. What does that even mean?!

Instead, I propose that modified localized energy readers that wirelessly transmit energy usage to a nearby computer can add contextual information and translate information in a more meaningful and compelling way for a user. The goal is to modify behavior change through feedback loops, better analogies for energy consumption, and a comparative community aspect to keep track of your progress. Watch the video to your right to get a better sense of the project.

In the end, I submitted this idea for the ComEd Student Innovation challenge and I have been named as one of the top 5 finalists! I presented my final pitch (including viability, desirability, and feasibility of the concept) to a series of judges on October 23rd. 

Click to view a working prototype of the interface