I saw that the Microsoft watch was recently announced and there's now tons of videos on the product. I really didn't like the orientation of the icons, and wondered what it might look rotated. I built out (with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) this simple prototype to give a sense of what it could look like. Scrappy prototypes like this can really help a designer describe much more profoundly through interaction and experience... and to me, it's the next logical step after wire framing.

(This is a touch interaction, so feel free to open on your phone if you want!)

Tap the watch (on blank screen): The watch will quickly show you the time and fade away after a short time

Swipe up or down: The watch menu will pull up or down onto the screen

Tap an icon: Each icon responds slightly differently, from a waterfall effect with the alarms to swiping up within the music section if you really don't like the first song that begins to play. Again, this is to show a variety of different techniques more than anything.

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