How do you fix something that isn’t broken? Ask your users.

Have you heard of UBER? Well, it's taking the world by force, with its reframe on the traditional driver/passenger model. I ride with UBER myself. However, there are definitely some things that constantly frustrate me about their existing service and options. So, I decided to ask others what grinds their gears and see what small improvements I could offer up. Out of this effort came UBER Update, which is my version of a few basic changes they could make with their interface to improve the UBER experience. This certainly isn't exhaustive of all the things they could do, but the goal was to illustrate these changes through something interactive so someone could more deeply comprehend understand the changes I'm suggesting. This project conveys my ability to use wireframing, followed by HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to rapidly prototype and convey new ideas about interaction. It also exhibits my ability to go above and beyond theory and the classroom to apply what I’ve learned at the Institute of Design to the real world to improve existing products and services.